Ancho Daddy Hot Sauce

Ancho and guajillo chillies make an amazingly flavorful base to this delicious hot sauce.  This is definitely not the host sauce your daddy received on his table.

$7.75 – 5oz

Inky’s Lost in the Souse Peach Bourbon Hot Sauce 

A subtle mix of delicious peaches and habanero peppers, coupled with a hing of Bourbon.  Inky starts out sweet and ends with heat.

$7.75 – 5oz

Ground Control to Major Tomatillo

Jalapenos, cilantro and lime mix beautifully with tomatillos, making a perfect addition to any dish.

$7.75 – 5oz

Zach’s Reaper Madness

This sneaky devil will tantalize your taste buds, with a rich flavor and intense heat, leaving a tingle in your mouth.

$7.75 – 5oz

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Hats – $25.00

T-Shirts – $19.99

Hoodies – $45.00

Coffee Cups – $9.95


Macadamia Nut – $12.75/1lb bag

English Toffee – $12.75/1lb bag

Hazelnut – $12.75/1lb bag

Snickerdoodle – $12.75/1lb bag

Toasted Pecan – $12.75/1lb bag

Caramel – $12.75/1lb bag


Peach hibiscus – $6.95/6oz

Pineapple – $6.95/6oz

Blueberry Pomegranate – $6.95/6oz

Cherry Vanilla – $6.95/6oz

Citrus Ginger – $6.95/6oz

Raspberry – $6.95/6oz

Mixed berry – $6.95/6oz

Strawberry – $6.95/6oz

Pumpkin butter – $6.95/6oz